4 Indications You Might Need Septic Repair in Everett

July 28, 2020  

4 Indications You Might Need Septic Repair in Everett

If you have a house that has a septic tank, keeping it in good shape is vital. Small septic problems can become significant issues if not taken care of immediately. If major repairs are needed, it is time-consuming, disrupting, and costly. Maintaining your property’s septic system is a lot easier than needing septic repair in Everett.

Indications You May Have a Problem

Most of the time, you will never know your septic system is there. If it is appropriately maintained regularly, you won’t have much to worry about. But even when in the best of times, things can go wrong. Here are some things to look out for that may require immediate attention:

Foul Odors – if you are experiencing bad smells outside of your home, you can have a problem. Foul smells can emanate around the drains as well. These are both signs that something is off.
Backups – if you have kind of situation where sewage is backing up into your home, typically in the toilet, you should seek professional help immediately. Contaminated backup can leak harmful bacteria in your home when this happens.
Wet Spots – soft ground and wet spots near the septic tank can indicate a hidden leak. There can be a few reasons for this, including a potential backup of sewage or a leaking pipe.
Drain Problems – a clogged drain isn’t always a serious problem, but it is better to have it checked out. Definitely seek help if you notice it happening in several drains or is an ongoing problem.

Don’t wait until you need septic repair in Everett to worry about your septic tank. Let us provide regular maintenance to keep a disaster from happening. Contact Superior Septic Services, LLC at (425) 905–2485 to schedule an appointment.