4 Signs You Need Septic Repair In Snohomish

March 15, 2022  

4 Signs You Need Septic Repair In Snohomish

The septic system in your home is important to have a smooth day every day. It is also important that you know what signs to watch for when a repair is needed. Catching issues sooner than later can help you to avoid a major problem. That’s where Superior Septic Services can help. Learning the signs, you need septic repair in Snohomish is half the battle.

Take a look below at the four signs your septic system is in need of repair, and give us a call if you see them:

Signs To Watch Out For

Here are four signs you need to pay close attention to when it comes to dealing with your septic system:

  • Sounds – You may start to hear troubling sounds when the system is in use. For example, gurgling from the toilets when they flush is not normal. If you’re noticing troubling sounds, be sure to have a pro come to inspect the system.
  • Slow – Perhaps your kitchen sink has started draining slower and slower. Maybe you’ve noticed that it takes an extra-long time for the shower to drain once you’re done. All of these are signs of an issue in the septic system.
  • Colors – You might think green grass is a great sign of a healthy lawn. In fact, if you have super green patches, this indicates a septic issue.
  • Smell – Smelling sewage or a rotten egg smell around your property is not normal. This can indicate a leak in the system that needs to be repaired.

If you need septic repair in Snohomishbe sure to reach out to our office at (425) 905-2485. We look forward to helping you, so set up a time for a consultation today!