4 Signs You Need Septic Service In Granite Falls

May 12, 2020  

Taking care of your home means taking care of your septic system. Some homeowners believe that flushing a treatment down the system once a month is good enough. However, that can lead to major issues down the road. There are sure signs that you need to contact a full-service plumbing company. Here are four signs that you need septic service in Granite Falls. If you notice any of these start to pop up, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Bright Green Grass

While most homeowners think the bright green grass around their drain fields is a good thing, it’s a sign of them failing. The grass shouldn’t be that much different if the system is working as it should.


Some systems have alarms on them that tell you there is an issue. If you hear this start to go off, stop using water immediately, and call in the professionals.


Sewage should never come back into your home. However, if you notice you’ve got sewage backing up into your showers or sinks, it’s time to call in a plumber. This is a sure sign something is not working properly in the system.

Slow Drains

Your tubs, sinks, and toilets should all drain fairly quickly. However, if they start to slow down, there is an issue in the system. It could be a blockage causing the drain to slow down or it could be that your tank is too full. Whatever the case may be, this is a sure sign you need to call someone in to inspect the system.

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