A good time for Septic Inspection in Snohomish

May 24, 2018  

Septic Inspection in Snohomish

Superior Septic Services is ready to help with your septic inspection in Snohomish and surrounding areas. Working with septic systems is outdoor work, and is much easier to accomplish in the spring through autumn months. Septic inspections are legally mandated at specified intervals – and we can help you remain compliant. Furthermore, inspections can reveal problems before they become serious, and that saves you money, time and convenience.

A septic inspection will thoroughly check your home sanitation system, from the lines that run from the house to the leach field where liquids are drained. It can reveal things like filters that need changed, crushed drain lines or drains that are getting filled up by tree roots, or even loose or broken lids for septic tanks. It can indicate whether it is time for septic pumping and if the baffles inside the tank are in good shape. If you have an above-ground tank, an inspection includes checking the pumps. An inspection might not find everything that could go wrong, but it can give a good indication of the health of your septic system. In most cases, it will catch incipient problems before they can happen.

Septic inspections are supposed to occur every three years for gravity-feed septic tank systems, and yearly for those that require pumps. If your septic system is due for septic inspection in Snohomish, call Superior Septic Services at (425) 905-2485 to set up an appointment today. We take pride in our excellent workmanship and our honest evaluations. We have the equipment and the trained personnel for just about any situation imaginable when it comes to septic tanks. We are responsive to calls, usually responding within 24 hours. We understand that a fully functional septic system is essential to your household.