Affordable Septic Pumping in Monroe

May 3, 2017  

septic pumping in MonroeSuperior Septic Services has the trucks and the crew to take care of your septic pumping in Monroe. In fact, we even have one smaller truck that can get into those remote areas where a big truck can run into difficulty.

Septic pumping is an immediate aid to a septic tank that is overflowing or otherwise showing signs of needing maintenance. A properly maintained septic tank can accept household waste for many years before it needs pumped out. However, injudicious management of your septic tank can lead to the biotic activity in your tank slowing down or stopping – and that can create a need for pumping. The reason is that bacterial colonies in your septic tank help break down solid matter that is flushed from your home. This includes the blackwater solids from your bathroom as well as vegetable parings that are washed down the drain from your in-sink garbage disposal. So far so good – those things make happy little bacteria that munch away on household wastes. But if you use caustic chemicals to clean your bathroom, sink and toilet or to clear drains, you run the risk of killing off the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank. Instead, select cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda that are friendly to your septic tanks bacteria colony – but not to bacteria on surfaces.

Superior Septic Services can take care of your septic pumping in Monroe, call us at (425) 905-2485 to learn more about how we can help you. We make your “business” our business. We understand that maintaining a home septic system is a big responsibility, and we are glad to help. We know that everyone lives either upstream or downstream from someone, and that dealing with household effluent is important.