Affordable Septic Service in Monroe

June 17, 2017  

septic service in Monroe
Superior Septic Service has your septic service in Monroe.  A septic service might include inspection, checking for the source of bad odors or standing water, or looking for the reason why your toilet does not flush properly or investigating drains that are backing it up into your basement or similar areas.

Getting a professional septic service visit might be one way to help prevent problems with your home sanitary system down the road.  By checking the lid and risers on your septic tank you are taking a step towards making sure that people and animals in your area are less likely to fall into your septic tank.  If you buy a property in a remote area,  be sure to ask if a septic tank system has been used on the property,  and if so, what was done with it — is it still in use, has it been abandoned, or has it been properly filled and so as not to present a hazard? Old septic systems that are present, but unknown to new owners, can represent a significant hazard.  If the tank still has effluent in it, then anything living that falls into can become extremely ill.  An empty tank can turn into an inescapable trap.  Both these scenarios are avoidable if unused septic tanks are correctly pumped and backfilled to prevent problems.  Inquiring about old septic arrangements should be part of your due diligence when purchasing a property.

Superior septic service has your septic service in Monroe, just call us at (425)905-2485 to learn more about how we can help you.  Regular professional septic service helps keep your home septic system running correctly, and helps prevent it from becoming a hazard to members of your family, or unsuspecting people or animals who might walk across the area.  Signs of a malfunctioning septic system in clued bad odors, standing water, and drains that do not drain.