Bothell Portable Toilet

Washington State Portable ToiletsImagine hosting a large wedding in the middle of a lush forest with a nice clearing to accommodate the guests, you have everything planned out, the caterers, the dance floor, and the reception. However, you’ve forgotten one thing and that is the absence of a restroom. Porta Potties usually come to mind in these situations and for this special occasion you will find that Bothell Portable Toilet is the solution for your bathroom needs.

Keep in mind that in these occasions the guests are fancily dressed and basic bathroom facility may not be enough for your needs. You may need something more complex, you need the deluxe edition of the Bothell Portable Toilet to suit the occasion and your guests. To get you pointed in the right direction, talk to one of our customer service representatives at Superior Septic Service.

After you’ve chosen what type of facility you want for your event, there are some things you need to keep in mind for the set-up.

  • Find a level location, preferably on dry, solid ground.
  • Make sure that the location you’ve chosen is at a discreet distance but is accessible for your guests.
  • Choose your location in an area which is convenient for the support truck to park, drop off, and pick up the potty.

Keep these things in mind and you will find your experience with Bothell Portable Toilet rental company much smoother. Now, your event can go off without a hitch. Contact Superior Septic Services at 425-905-2485.