Bothell Septic Services

Having a problematic septic system is truly no fun at all. In fact, it poses a lot of threat to your valuables and carry safety and health risks as well. However, many people still choose to ignore septic system problems for several reasons. It could be that they are not able to locate a good septic services provider in their area or in the midst of a tight budget.

Superior Septic Services now brings Bothell Septic Services for the benefit of Bothell residents and its neighboring towns. Benefit from our best price guarantee and our 25 years of being in this business. Whether you need a new septic tank installed or your current one cleaned or have it repaired, your budget does not need to suffer . Never again pay for more than what needs to be done through our Bothell Septic Services.

Bothell Septic Pumping

It is a given fact that all septic systems need to be pumped every once in a while to ensure proper function. This allows a smooth and safe operation. As experts, trust us when we say that it is not advisable to wait until you experience having blockages and backups before calling for our services. Maintenance is always easier than repairs. We do offer septic pumping services with no additional dig fees except for unusual situations.

Bothell Septic Services

Our crew has over 20 years experience serving Bothell for all of their septic service needs.  If you want great service you can count on and a great price, look no further, our experienced professionals offer the guaranteed lowest prices.

Bothell Septic Inspection

If you are thinking of buying a new property, make sure the septic system is in proper order by requesting for a thorough septic inspection. We can help you with our fair and accurate report along with estimations should repair be in order.

Bothell Septic Installation

Would you trust other septic service companies other than the best who can properly install your septic tanks? Bothell Septic Services makes sure every new septic tank is properly installed and running smoothly. This will pave way for many years of a stress-free septic system.

Bothell Septic Repair

Septic system damages and malfunction can sometimes be unavoidable. For all these septic system emergencies, keep our numbers handy for your whole household. Simply give us a call at 425-905-2485 and we will attend to your septic system needs as quickly as we can and resolve the problem.

Bothell Portable Toilet Rental

If you are located in Bothell or planning to hold a construction site or an event in Bothell or a nearby place, make sure to consider our full service portable toilet rentals and have a worry free time with us.

Bothell Portable Waste Holding Tank Rental – RV & Construction

Anyone who has thought about a renting a portable tank for holding waste should know that they are a great option to use for a variety of locations that may not be connected to any type of sewer system. What this means is that your outdoor party, fair, festival, or any other sort of gathering will have proper waste water management.

Drain Field Installation in Bothell

Connected to the pipes, a drain field has about 20 years of longevity, so if yours hasn’t been checked in a long time, it’s about time to have a routine checkup to make sure everything is functioning properly. If you’ve been considering drain field installation in Bothell, call Superior Septic Services, LLC today for all of your needs.