Can You Avoid Septic Pumping in Lake Sevens?

March 8, 2017  

septic pumping in Lake StevensSuperior Septic Services can help you with your septic pumping in Lake Stevens. It is likely that in the life of your septic system, it will eventually need to be pumped. However, a properly maintained septic tank can go many years without being pumped.

To understand why this is so, we need to take a quick look at the history of septic tanks. Around 1860, a Frenchman named John Mouras created a concrete tank and piped the effluent from his home into it using clay drains. When he opened it after ten years of use, he was surprised to find that it was nearly empty.

In a properly maintained, correctly sized septic tank bacteria breaks down the solids so that they take up much less space. The liquids drain away into the leach field. This leaves very little in the way of solids or liquids to accumulate inside the tank. However, if the tank has heavy usage or if non-biodegradable materials are added, it will fill up quickly. Garbage disposals, so-called “disposable” diapers, and similar products can increase the load on your septic tank. When the tank becomes too full, then it has to be pumped out in order to function properly.

Superior Septic Services has trucks, both large and small, that can take care of your septic pumping in Lake Stevens, just give us a call at (425)905-2485. Proper care and size matching can cut down on your septic pumping, but when it is time we are ready to help. We can be reached at any time, and we can often get back to you within one day. Our reliable staff will be happy to identify themselves and don’t ever hesitate to call the office if there you have any questions at all.