Do You Know the Signs of Septic Tank Problems on Your Stanwood Property?

July 14, 2021  

Do You Know the Signs of Septic Tank Problems on Your Stanwood Property?

Having a problem with your septic tank is never a good thing, but it happens. Even when you do everything possible to keep it in excellent shape, things can still go wrong. Knowing who to call for septic repair in Stanwood can be challenging too. Superior Septic Services is here for all your septic needs from parts to installation and everything in between. We are licensed and bonded and have years of experience dealing with septic systems.

You Don’t Typically See Your Septic System

This means you can’t always know what is happening beneath the ground or inside the tank. But there are indications that a problem is present if you know what to look for. Familiarizing yourself with the signs of trouble is wise as it allows you to call for assistance early on. That means catching minor issues before they become major ones.

Constant Drain Backups

One of the signs is continual backups. If your sewage is backing up in your drains, especially your toilet, you should call Superior Septic Services. Sewage backup can cause harmful bacteria exposure to your home and family. Not something you want to risk.

Foul Odors Inside or Out

Foul smells around your inside drains can mean sewage is not emptying properly. Pungent odors around your drain field outside can mean a leak.

Pooling Water is Not a Good Sign

Water pooling around your drain field or soft ground can mean a hidden leak, a leaking pipe, or sewage backup.

Clogged Drains Are Not Always Minor

Many times clogged drains are a simple fix, but sometimes they are a sign of something worse. It is not worth the risk, so have any clogged drains checked out.

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