Don’t Risk Damage to Your Darrington Septic System – Have It Inspected Today!

March 12, 2021  

Don't Risk Damage to Your Darrington Septic System - Have It Inspected Today!

Each week Superior Septic Services handles septic service in Darrington, and we deal with fairly routine problems. Then there are the not-so-ordinary situations that come up. Our professional technicians can mitigate any problems your septic tank might have, but some things are more common than others.

Septic Repairs We See Every Day

Septic tank systems are pretty stable systems if taken care of properly. But when something happens, you want a company that understands and has experience in repairing septic systems. Typical repairs we do every day include replacing risers or lids, replacing the filters, and repairing collapsed drain pipes in leach fields. And, of course, we pump your septic tank when it is full. If you have an above-ground septic tank, it requires more detailed maintenance than an underground tank. You want to make sure you keep that in mind.

Regular Maintenance is a Must

Keeping your septic tank in good shape is essential. Older tanks that have not been maintained can deteriorate to the point they are a health hazard. When you schedule regular service and maintenance, you know your septic tank system is working efficiently. When we provide regular septic inspections, we can catch the little problems. This means they get taken care of right away before they can cause costly damage.

If you need septic service in Darrington, contact Superior Septic Services at  (425) 905-2485. We can repair your current system, get you on a regular maintenance schedule, or replace your system if needed. If you are building and need a septic system installed, we can do that as well. If you have any questions regarding what we offer or need a quote on our service, give us a call today.