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Inspection is required at least once every three years for all systems consisting solely of a septic tank and gravity drain field (SSAS). WAC 246-272A-0270

Have you been dumping any organic, inorganic, or biological septic treatments down your toilet? When what your sewer actually needs are Everett Septic Services.  We offer pretty much any septic service you need, including but not limited to:

Nearly one-third of Americans take responsibility for their own waste water treatments as they do not connect to sewer systems, and many of the homes and businesses belong to this one-third. Federal and State governments and those who have the know-how agree that subscribing to periodic Everett Septic Services is what you need to keep your sewer systems at top-notch working order.

Stop flushing your money down the toilet! According to the findings of the United States Environment Protection Agency and Rhode Island, flushing down septic tank treatments and additives can do no harm at best but can actually cause septic system failures which will cost you thousands of dollars.


An exhaustive amount of studies and research have been conducted by Baylor and Purdue Universities, among others, State and Federal Agencies from several states, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency on the difference of septic pumping and septic treatments. They all reached the same conclusions.

  1. No scientific proof has appeared that septic additives prolong the life of septic systems more than septic service pumping can.
  2. No actual benefits were seen from using septic additives.
  3. in fact, additives may actually cause harm to your septic system; and
  4. Septic pumping is the only proper way of maintaining your septic systems.

As what every study, researcher and septic tank expert say, your septic system need are the Everett Septic Services which includes inspection and septic pumping. If you want to have a properly operating septic system, then it must be done.

Do not spend your hard-earned money on products that can’t actually deliver what they promise. Be critical in the advertisements claiming to have scientifically proven the value of these products which may actually be harmful to your septic system.

The studies and researches made on the benefits of regular septic pumping prove that it is the only maintenance your system needs. So, call us now at Everett Septic Services and protect your investment and the environment.

Everett Portable Waste Holding Tank Rental – RV & Construction

Are you planning some sort of outdoor festival or community fair? If so, you will not want to rely on local businesses to help with bathroom facilities. Having portable facilities for people to use will help everyone involved in the event. When you have portable waste holding tanks to go along with the restroom rental, you will have the added peace of mind you need to know that you will be covered on ample waste water holding so that no issues arise.

Drain Field Installation in Everett

If you’re having issues such as mud or sewage in the backyard, clogged toilets, or a foul odor emanating from your pipes, it may be indicative of a septic system and drain field problem. For the best in service when it comes to drain field installation in Everett, choose Superior Septic Services, LLC for all of your needs.