Help with Your Septic Pumping in Monroe

December 2, 2016  

Septic Pumping in MonroeSuperior Septic Services can help with your septic pumping and repair in Monroe. While that might not seem like a very exciting job, we can assure that your life could become way too exciting if  your septic tank is not pumped at it appropriate time.

This is what can happen. First, the home or business owner might notice that the toilet is slow to flush. Then he or she might notice when draining a double sink, one side will fill up when the other side is supposed to be draining, instead of the water flowing away from the sink. Basement drains might develop a bad odor. A new water puddle might show up outside, and perhaps more bad odors. The person who owns the septic tank might begin to wonder why it isn’t working the way it used to do. The answer is that septic tanks are divided using baffles. Solid matter is collected in the first chamber; liquids are then allowed to flow on through to the other side, and on out to the leach field. Even the most carefully maintained septic tanks eventually fill up and need that solid stuff to be pumped out. That moment is simply part of the life of a septic tank. Pumping time is also a good time to schedule an inspection, and to check for any other needed maintenance such as replacing a worn or broken lid.

Superior Septic Services can help with your septic pumping in Monroe, just give us a call at (425)905-2485, and we will schedule one of our trucks to remove the effluent and take it to a processing plant. Our knowledgeable, qualified technicians can deal with almost any septic problem that your system might develop. Our goal is for your septic tank to work properly.