Here for Your Septic Repair in Everett

February 2, 2017  

septic repair in EverettSuperior Septic Services is here for your septic repair in Everett. Spring is just around the corner, and with it will come snow melt, spring rains and mud. All of that adds up to changes in the ground around your septic tank and leach field. Problems that can go unnoticed while the ground is frozen can make themselves known during spring thaw.

There are several things that can be symptoms of a malfunctioning septic tank. Unusual amounts of water pooling on the surface near the septic tank, the leach field or along the drain line can indicate a tank that needs to be pumped or a break in the sewer lines. Foul odors that have no noticeable cause can be another symptom; and, of course, there is that whole business of toilets that won’t flush, drains that won’t drain, and effluent backing up into places where it should not go. More drastic symptoms include someone or something falling through the top of the septic tank – an event that is never good. Fortunately, appropriate maintenance can help prevent or provide a solution to most of these problems before your septic tank makes front page news. We can’t promise to reverse the laws of nature, but we can look for problems, and – in most cases – take care of repairs.

Superior Septic Services is here for your septic repair in Everett, just give us a call at (425) 905-2485. Freezing and thawing, spring rains, mud – we know how the story goes. And it all effects your plumbing. We can’t promise miracles, but if well-honed plumbing skills and experience with septic tanks can fix the problem, then we have the team that can diagnose, estimate the cost, and come up with a solution.