Importance of Septic Inspection in Arlington

July 25, 2016  

Importance of Septic Inspection in ArlingtonSuperior Septic Services reminds everyone in our service are of the importance of septic inspection in Arlington. Not only is it the legal thing to do, it is the responsible way to make sure that your septic tank is up to code, and that it does not present a hazard to humans or animals.

These days, you can do a fast Internet search or pick up almost any newspaper, and see headlines that read things like, “Three-year-old who was pulled from Septic Tank Dies,” or “Toddler Dies after Falling in Septic Tank,” or even “Children’s Author Found in Septic Tank.” Tragedy seems to pile up around and in septic tanks – particularly those that are not kept up and that do not receive regular inspection. An inspection will reveal things like improperly secured or broken lids or a tank that is beginning to age toward insecurity. Septic tanks are created to process organic matter. This is a good thing for disposing of household wastes, but extremely dangerous for humans or pets who fall into one. Usually, the incidents are simply accidental death, but sometimes septic tanks have been used to hide evidence of foul play. A securely fastened and locked lid can provide an effective barrier against both these sorts of events.

Superior Septic Services reminds every one of the importance of septic inspection in Arlington, just give us a call at (425)905-2485. One of our service workers will be scheduled to check your septic tank to make sure that it does not make headlines in your local newspaper. We urge septic tank owners everywhere to get regular inspections as part of your home safety program – particularly for your home sanitary system.