Inspection Rules in Snohomish County

June 10, 2015  

At Superior Septic we emphasize the importance of following inspection rules in Snohomish County for your septic tank. In fact, following the inspection rules is important for any septic tank anywhere.

Inspection Rules in Snohomish County

Septic tanks, for the most part, are a big improvement over the kinds of sanitary facilities that came before them – such as outhouses or lagoons. Such primitive facilities for sewer waste have an unfortunate history of leaking disease causing effluent into nearby water supplies, as well as providing a breeding grounds for flies, mosquitoes and other pests.

But a septic tank, with its attendant leach field, is not a set it and forget it system. For the most part, it will work very well. However, things can go wrong with it, and when they do, the results can range from inconvenient to disastrous. First of all, before setting a septic tank, check on local regulations. Some areas have more sensitive disposal requirements than others – particularly areas where the groundwater can be easily contaminated. When your tank is in place, create a schedule with your local septic tank company for regular inspections. An inspection will reveal potential problems before they get out of hand. These include making sure that the over-flow into your leach field does not contain inappropriate bacteria; checking the soundness of the lid and other parts of the tank to prevent anyone falling into it; and measuring the scum and level of solids inside the tank, as well as making sure that the baffles inside it are intact.

At Superior Septic, we have trained professionals who will be happy to help you stay in compliance with the inspection rules in Snohomish County. Just give us a call at (425)905-2485. We will be glad to help you with regularly scheduled maintenance, because everyone lives downstream from someone and water quality is everybody’s business.