Modern Septic Inspection in Everett

December 11, 2015  

Superior Septic Service would like to remind everyone of the value of modern septic inspection in Everett. Regular inspections help keep your home sanitary system in proper working order – something that benefits both you and your neighbors.

Septic Inspection in Everett

Although flush toilets have been around for quite a long while – King Minos of Crete was said to have had one 3500 years ago – developing appropriate technology for somewhere for the contents to flush into has been something of a challenge. It didn’t take a lot of thought to develop the idea of piping it out of the house, but that wasn’t the end of the problem. Without water traps and proper ventilation, sewer gas could collect inside houses, causes all sorts of health problems. When ventilation pipes were first invented, some of them were so small that they were nearly useless. In fact, in winter they would often develop a cap of ice, which clogged them up. Julius W. Adams created the framework for modern sewage systems when he designed the sewer systems for Brooklyn in 1857. During the 1933 World’s Fair, matters came to a head when an outbreak of amoebic dysentery claimed 98 lives and sickened more than 1400 others. By now, medical science had managed to draw a line between water contamination and disease.

Superior Septic Services is always ready to carry out your modern septic inspection in Everett. Although much progress has been made, there is no such thing (yet) as the perfect septic system. Constant vigilance is needed to make sure that our modern conveniences are not becoming a hazard to our neighbors, our families or ourselves. If it is time for your septic inspection, give us a call at (425)905-2485. We will be glad to help.