Only Hire Trusted Technicians For Septic Service In Mountlake Terrace

October 12, 2021  

Only Hire Trusted Technicians For Septic Service In Mountlake Terrace

Superior Septic Services serves all of Snohomish County, and we are available for septic service in Mountlake Terrace. Septic services are varied, but we have solutions for most situations. With one phone call, we can have a technician scheduled and on the way to your property!

Septic Systems

It has been said that the nose knows – and that can often be true when dealing with septic services. Your septic system should not have a noxious odor, nor should you notice unusual puddles of water – especially if there has been no rain in recent weeks. Backed-up sinks, toilets that won’t flush, or an alarm sounding on the lift station of an above-ground tank are all indicators of trouble.

We make every effort to get to you with help, especially if you have an unusual situation. However, if you use our online appointment scheduler, please give us at least two days to get back to you. If you have an emergency, please use our telephone for more immediate contact.

If your home is located off the beaten path and your septic tank requires pumping, we have a smaller truck that can more easily handle narrow drives and remote locations than full-size pumper trucks. Our motto is that your “business” is our business, and we do our best to help you.

Call Superior Septic Services at (425) 905-2485 for help when you require septic service in Mountlake Terrace. Our goal is to help you maintain your home septic system functionally and ecologically. Good home sanitation is beneficial to you and your family, and anyone who shares the local water supply. Whether you have a standard gravity feed septic tank or one of the newer above-ground tanks, we are ready to help you address any problems that might arise with it.