Preparing for Septic Inspection in Monroe

January 29, 2016  

At Superior Septic Services, we would like to remind our customers to think about preparing for septic inspection in Monroe. January weather in Monroe isn’t a pleasant time to do any kind of work out-of-doors, but all of that moisture falling out of the sky can challenge home sanitation arrangements. Now is a good time to collect your paperwork and to set up appointments, because spring is likely to be a busy time for any company that does work outside.

Septic Inspection in Monroe

Getting ready for a septic tank inspection is not too onerous, but there are some steps you might want to consider. Locate the plans that show the location of your septic tank or get in touch with the last company that serviced it so that you have those records. Some types of septic systems are only required to have inspection every three years, but other types need a yearly inspection. Call your septic tank company – that can be us – and set up an appointment, and get a broad estimate of the fees generally charged for an inspection. Any repairs or maintenance – such as a new lid, pumping, or repairs to baffles or the leech field will be an added expense, but you can at least get that inspection in the budget.

As the days lengthen, we would like to remind our customers that spring really will be here before you know it. You can begin preparing for septic inspection in Monroe right now by calling Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485 to schedule an appointment. There is nothing like getting a jump start on your spring maintenance chores by planning ahead. By doing so, you can avoid having to wait in line when our busy season begins. It helps us to schedule our time, as well, so everyone wins with advance planning.