Preventable Septic Repair in Arlington

March 5, 2015  

Septic Repair in ArlingtonHaving a home or commercial property on a septic system can certainly have its advantages. To be fair, it can have some disadvantages as well mind you but there is no doubt the advantages far out weigh any disadvantages. For those not on a septic system, monthly utility bills can add up pretty quick. When there are repairs that are need to be done, unless it is plumbing problems related directly to the home, you have to rely on the city, town or municipality in which you live. This, at the best of times can be a challenge in itself. When you are on a septic system and you require septic repairs in Arlington, you can always be assured that a service technician will appear quickly.

Although having regular inspections to your septic may minimize the need for any septic repair, it will not unfortunately, eliminate the need. Knowing how a septic system works can also minimize any repairs required. Just being cautious of what materials are being deposited into toilets, sink drains and into garbage disposal systems will help immensely.

Foods from the garbage disposal can clog the intake and out take baffles of the tank, grease, detergents and oils can throw off the naturally occurring breakdown of solids in the tank causing solids to seep into the wrong side of the tank. Of course, it is common knowledge to most adults that large toys and stuffed animals do not do so well when flushed down a toilet.

If any of the following problem indicators appear from within or around your septic system, stop using water immediately to avoid further damage and make the call for a septic repair technician:

– Sewage backing up

– Lift station alarms sounds off

– Water is backing up

– Sinks and toilets clogged or backing up

– Septic odors are prevalent

If you find yourself in need of septic repair in Arlington, call the service you can trust; call Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485.