Professional Septic System Service in Granite Falls

May 26, 2021  

Professional Septic System Service in Granite Falls

Superior Septic Services is here for all your septic service in Granite Falls. We have professional and high-quality parts for your septic system. If you live in a rural area, you probably have a septic tank, which is a must when you can’t hook up to city sewage. But your septic system needs to be maintained to function properly. That means using quality parts and chemicals that work. Often the chemicals you buy at the local store do more harm than good. Shoddy parts can cause a break down which leads to expensive repairs. Superior Septic Services can help you prevent all of that.

Benefits of Septic Filters

Septic filters are fairly new on the scene but are a great addition to your maintenance. Septic systems work by waste from home flowing into the septic tank. The content then separates with solids sinking to the bottom and bacteria, grease, and scum moving to the top. Liquids go into another chamber. Then the liquids move through permeable pipes and into a natural filter like sand for further cleaning.

Septic filters provide one last cleaning of the liquid before flowing into the leach field. It is another environmental safeguard. The filters do need to be changed regularly to ensure your septic system does not get clogged. There are several varieties, and we can help you choose the one best for your system.

Professional Septic System Service

Give Superior Septic Services a call at  (425) 905-2485 for septic service in Granite Falls that is professional and guaranteed. We have over two decades of experience taking care of our customer’s septic systems. We can provide septic system installation, repair, and maintenance for you too.