Reasons Your Grease Trap Needs Routine Pumping

January 17, 2014  

Grease Trap Pumping in MarysvilleGrease traps are most commonly found in commercial or industrial kitchens and facilities; however, it is possible your residential home in Marysville have them as well. Grease traps are installed to catch most of the solid material and grease from waste water, which keeps it out of the septic system. Grease traps need to be pumped regularly as part of your septic service to ensure it continues to function properly, as the more fats, oils and greases (FOGs) that are built up in the system the more likely it is for the need of septic service.

Here are four more reasons your grease trap may require routine pumping:

Clogged grease traps can result in FOGs going into the wastewater stream, which could result in fines, and could clog up pipes. It may even make it so far that it clogs the drain field, which will result in complete septic system failure.

Clogged grease traps may keep waste water from easily flowing out of plumbing pipes and fixtures.

Clogged grease traps can result in damage to the environment and can possibly result in the accumulation of gas and toxic odors.

Maintenance is always cheaper than repairs.

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