Regular Septic Inspection in Lake Stevens

April 1, 2015  

The number of people in the United States that store article in their basements has to be astounding. For some, their basements have been storing items for family members for decades. It’s even possible many may not even be aware what is actually being stored in their basements. Family heirlooms, antiques, Great Grandma’s wedding dress or old family photos which may be the key to tracing the family from centuries ago or even businesses with equipment or stock being stored. For those homes and businesses running on a septic system, all of these memories, antiques, collectables and equipment can be ruined in very short order if the septic system decides to stop working for any number of reasons. Being aware of a reliable company able to perform regular septic inspection in Lake Stevens, will save any business or family a whole heap of grief.

Septic Inspection in Lake Stevens

Just knowing a home or commercial property is on a septic system is not enough. It is important to have as much information about the system as possible. Asking the five common W’s (& H), will ensure you have the information required.

  • Who installed the system?
  • What are its capacities?
  • Where is it located?
  • Why do you require this information
  • When was the system installed>
  • How long since the last pump out or inspection

If this information is not readily available for the septic system in your home or business, it may be time for a septic inspection. Having the assurance all the working parts of the system are present and in working order may be a relief to your family’s heritage.

If your require more information about the septic system in your home or business, call the service you can trust; call Superior Septic Services at (425)905-2485 for your regular septic inspection in Lake Stevens.