Seasonal Septic Pumping in Snohomish

October 30, 2015  

Septic Pumping in SnohomishSuperior Septic Service can help with your seasonal septic pumping in Snohomish. As the summer and autumn seasons draw to a close, recreational facilities that have used a simple pit arrangement for sanitation need to be pumped. It might be a good time to get your home sanitation system pumped out, as well, before winter ice and snow begins to block the roads. We not only have the regular tank trucks, we have small ones that can more easily get into inaccessible areas.

Having your septic tank pumped and checked regularly removes the solids from the tank and allows it to function correctly. It also gives technicians a chance to check on items such as the level of scum on the top of the contents of the tank – an indicator as to whether or not the biological stew in your septic system is working properly. They can also check to make sure that the baffles inside the tank are unbroken and that the lid is secure and sound. This sort of simple check can keep your home sanitation system from becoming a hazard to you or to others. They can also make sure that the outlets to your leech field are not blocked. Those openings are essential to keeping your system working correctly as they are where the liquids flow out, leaving the solids and  the scum behind.

Superior Septic Service will be glad to help with your seasonal septic pumping in Snohomish – and that’s all treat, no tricks involved. Give us a call at (425)905-2485 to set up an appointment. Our workers will be glad to take care of your seasonal needs. An autumnal septic pumping can prevent having a wintertime plumbing disaster at a time when it will be difficult to manage keeping your home organized while repairs and cleaning are going on.