Septic Inspection in Arlington

February 26, 2017  

septic inspection in ArlingtonSuperior Septic Services is ready for your septic inspection in Arlington. Spring is an excellent time for this, getting you and your system off to a good start.

Spring can become a difficult time for septic systems, especially if rain water drains manage to run into your septic tank. If enough added moisture enters the tank, it can float solids that would normally be caught by the first baffles over into the part of your tank that is ordinarily only occupied by water. This can cause your septic system to allow e-coli and other bacteria to make it out into the leach field – an area where it is not normally found. One of the things that a septic system is supposed to do is to prevent contamination of groundwater. Of course, spring floods are not the only thing that can make adverse changes in the way your system works. Tree roots, built-up solids from the effluent in drain systems, broken baffles or broken lids can all cause problems for your home sanitation system. An inspection can help catch those problems while they are still small and keep them from growing into something unmanageable.

Superior Septic Services is ready for your septic inspection in Arlington, just give us a call at (425) 905-2485. We will be glad to set up an appointment for you that will work with your schedule. Our team will thoroughly check your system, and report their findings – which might be that your system is working great. If repairs are needed, we will consult with you to develop the best plan to keep your system operating optimally. In the rare event that it is not reparable, we are fully qualified to make new installations.