Septic Inspection in Arlington

May 4, 2016  

Septic Inspection in ArlingtonSuperior Septic Services is ready to take care of your fast and professional septic inspection in Arlington. Not only are septic inspections a good way to prevent problems with your home waste disposal system, they are also required by law in most areas. Some types of systems need to be inspected every three years while others need yearly inspection.

A septic inspection will look for things like unusual subsidence near or over your septic tank location. It will look for puddles (when there has not been any rain to cause them), bad odors or other indications that your system is not performing optimally. An inspector might also check the scum build-up inside the tank itself – an indicator of the health of your septic system. He or she might also check the height to which the solids have built up, and take a good look at the integrity of the lid on your septic tank and the condition of the baffles. These are all important to both the function of the tank and to the safety of people and animals who might walk over it. Septic tanks are intended to be a sanitary solution; inspection keeps them from becoming a hazard.

Superior Septic Services is ready to take care of your septic inspection in Arlington, just give us a call at (425)905-2485 to set up an appointment for our inspection team to take a look at your septic tank system. We want your septic system to function, and to be safe for you, your family, your neighbors, and even the stray trespasser. Tragedies might make good movies, but they aren’t much fun in real life. An inspection of your septic system can locate difficulties before they become a big problem. Please, let us help you.