Septic Inspection in Everett and Surrounding Areas

December 4, 2018  

Septic Inspection in Everett and Surrounding Areas

Superior Septic Services has what you need when it comes to professional septic inspection in Everett and surrounding the areas. Septic inspections are an essential part of your home sanitation maintenance. Not only do septic inspections help you keep your system in good working order, but they also keep you in legal compliance.

Above ground systems require pumps, a mechanical part that is not necessary for below ground tanks that use gravity to bring the black water from your home into the tank. With that said, both septic systems use similar parts to process the waste from your home.

The black water and grey water from your house flows or is pumped into the septic tank where the liquids are separated from the solids. The solids sink to the bottom of the tank, the grease, and other scum floats on the top, while the fluids flow through a filter into the leach field where it can filter through dirt or sand before rejoining the groundwater. If all the parts are working correctly, it does a reasonably good job of cleaning water before returning it to the wild.

Superior Septic Services has your septic inspection in Everett and surrounding areas, just call us at (425) 905-2485 to set up an appointment. We will be glad to go over your system. If we find anything that needs to be repaired, we will make an honest estimate of the costs involved to take care of it. If you are purchasing a home or selling one, a septic inspection should be a part of that process. It helps you to know exactly where you are with your septic system.