Septic Inspection in Snohomish County

June 3, 2016  

Superior Septic Service can help with your septic inspection in Snohomish. We have the licensed technicians who are qualified to take care of that service. Most septic systems, legally speaking, need to be inspected every three years. Some types actually need to be inspected every year – particularly the above-ground-level types that require pumping to work.

Septic Inspection Service in Snohomish County

Septic inspection is required legally, but it is also a good way to make sure that your septic system is working correctly, and that it is safe for anyone who happens to walk past it or over it. The news in recent years has been full of incidents involving septic systems where abandoned tanks have caved in, or even where active systems have developed faults in the top. And these are not the only problems that can develop. If the tank is not behaving as designed, it can cause effluent to enter the water system, creating health hazards for people who live downstream. When solids are not correctly trapped, when the appropriate bacteria are not doing their job, e-coli and other contaminants can overwhelm the leach field. This is bad news for your health, and for that of your neighbors.

Superior Septic Service can help with your septic inspection service in Snohomish County, just give us a call at (425)905-2485. We can schedule our technicians to visit your home at your convenience. Getting your home septic system inspected on an appropriate schedule is not only the legal thing to do – it is the morally responsible and neighborly thing to do. As we have often said before, we all live both upstream and downstream of someone. Septic inspections are part of doing our part to take care of our world, and we are very happy to help.