Septic Inspections Can Keep Your Monroe Septic System Going Strong

December 8, 2020  

If you search for the right business to complete a septic inspection in Monroe, Superior Septic Services is a perfect choice. We have an experienced team that can handle any problem you may have. We can provide regular maintenance to keep your septic system working at peak performance. Regular servicing can also protect against:

• Clogged drains
• Water damage
• Back-ups
• Other issues

Why Have Regular Inspections Done?

At Superior Septic Services, one thing we offer our customers is peace of mind. With regular inspections, you have the security of knowing your septic system is doing its job. If you plan on buying a home or selling one, you need to schedule a septic inspection as part of the process. You don’t want to buy a home without knowing the septic system is in good shape. If you are already in a home, routine maintenance means scheduled pumping and inspections to ensure everything is in good order and catch small problems. This can help you from having to deal with more expensive issues down the road. When you schedule routine inspections, you are providing the best care for your septic system that you can.

What Happens During a Septic Inspection?

When our team comes out, there are several routine steps we follow. These include:

• Checking liquid levels – if your levels are too high or too low, you could have a leak
• Add water – if levels are normal, we add some water to help with matter flow
• Pump the tank – this gets right of any backflow from the drainage area

Once these steps are taken, we can determine if anything else needs to be done. The team can see how the system is operating. If you need a septic inspection in Monroe, call the experts at (425) 905-2485.