Septic Pumping in Lake Stevens

December 18, 2014  

Septic Pumping in Lake StevensWe all take our city sewage handling for granted, but aside from city sewage, about one-third of us utilize septic systems in their homes as an alternative.  This means all our shower, sink, washing machine and toilet waste water converges to one pipe and into a septic tank located on the property. These septic systems need to be monitored regularly in order to ensure they are working properly at all times, and prevent any unexpected issues from occurring during inopportune times. Septic pumping in Lake Stevens is one sure fire way to ensure that there are no problems with a septic system in advance.

A septic system should be pumped out regularly, especially if there has been an excessive use recently; i.e. Christmas, Parties, or out of town guests.  It is also recommended that a system be pumped every 3 years if the home does not have a garbage disposal, if it does then it should be done annually.

It is very important to stick to a routine for a septic system; otherwise there can be costly repairs from overflows and other problems. Different material weights in your tank such as sludge that settles to the bottom, grease and the lightweight items float to the surface but gray water is allowed to seep into the soil around the tank causing far worse issues to your property.

Make sure the company that is hired to pump your tank is certified and is licensed with the local board of health, and always make sure that they give you a receipt for the work that is done for your homeowner records.

If you are in need of professional septic pumping in Lake Stevens call Superior Septic Services, at (425) 905-2485, to set up an appointment with our helpful staff. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our services, or schedule your consultation today.