Septic Repair

To prevent you from exerting more effort, consuming more time and spending more money, always keep your septic system at its best. Just call Everett Septic Repair & Service and they will do the job right away.

Lateral flushing:

To lessen the crust build up and have a smooth circulation on the whole lateral, flushing out of the lateral should be done yearly on any low pressure drain field. Diminishing back pressures which lessen  the running time on demand dose systems by flushing the lateral regularly will help your pump last longer.

Main line cleaning:

Efficiently cleaning the main line from your house to the septic tank every decade will help avoiding damage like backups that is mainly caused by building up of soap and grease.

Filter installation:

Having a filter on the outlet of your septic tank will help in avoiding the solids from passing through towards the drain field. This will also help you saving money because cleaning a drain filter costs a lot more than a filter.

Riser installation:

No need to dig up your septic system with the help of a riser. It lifts up the lids that prevent the odor from leaking up to the surface.

Just give a call and Everett Septic Repair & Service will be there to fix your septic system instantly.