Septic Repair in Everett

October 16, 2015  

Superior Septic Service is always ready to help you with your septic repair in Everett. Our knowledgeable staff understand the way that your septic system should work and also the regulations for your area. These are two important factors in maintaining your home sanitation system.

Septic Repair in Everett

Septic repair is essential for two important reasons: for physical safety and for reduction of environmental hazard. A septic tank system is a moderately priced sanitation system which means that the waste from your household can be safely processed with little or no thought on your part. A septic tank is, for the most part, a large concrete holding tank for solid waste generated by the people who live in your home. Over time, the materials used to construct the tank can degrade, lids can break. When these things occur, the tank becomes unsound and can allow humans or animals to fall into the biological soup inside. Your septic tank is designed to be a decomposition chamber for human waste – a fertile growing medium for a broad variety of diseases including cholera. Repairs to your home septic waste disposal system can be expensive, causing many back-to-the-land builders to turn to earth closets or composting toilets instead of a water-process disposal system. While such systems can be safely maintained, they usually require a high amount of user involvement in the process. Most homeowners prefer to flush and forget once they have completed their personal business. Furthermore, it is difficult to get building permits for these systems.

At Superior Septic Service, we understand the need for Septic Repair in Everett. Our highly trained technicians can help you keep your system quietly doing its job. Just call us at (425)905-2485 if your septic system has become a little too hands-on.