Septic Repair in Stanwood by Superior Septic Services

March 30, 2023  

Septic Repair in Stanwood by Superior Septic Services

If you are a homeowner or a business owner, you know that sooner or later, a problem will arise with your septic system. If you need a septic repair in Stanwood, know that Superior Septic Services is here to help. We can find the source of the problem and find a workable solution. Let’s look at a septic repair and determine if this is a viable solution to your problem.


When to Consider a Repair


Typically, a septic repair can solve a drainage problem or a sewage odor. If you are experiencing any of these issues, a septic repair may be the right choice for you:


  • Standing Water in the Yard That Pops Up Overnight – The tank is cracked, or there are clogs or breaks in the pipes causing water that should normally pass through the drain field to rise to the surface instead.
  • You Have Sewage Backing Up – You have clogged pipes which can be a severe problem if not addressed quickly.
  • Your Drains and Toilets are Slow – The pipes are clogged and not allowing wastewater or solids to pass through.
  • Noxious Odors – Clogged pipes do not allow the accumulation of waste to pass through.


Septic Repair Vs Replacement


Although not always the case, septic repairs generally involve repairing clogged drains or pipes. On the other hand, a septic replacement can involve a damaged distribution box, damaged pipes, faulty tank seals, and much more. It may be worth exploring your options to determine if septic replacement is worth it in the long run.

Call the Professionals at Superior Septic Services 


When your septic tank requires attention, it is a job that’s best left to the professionals. When you need a septic repair in Stanwood, call Superior Septic Services at (425) 905-2485 and schedule your service appointment today.