Septic Service in Arlington

April 29, 2015  

If you need Septic Service in Arlington, we have trained professionals at Superior Septic Service who are ready to help.

Septic Service in Arlington

Learning that you need Septic Service isn’t anybody’s idea of fun. Especially since your first sign of trouble can be a toilet bowl that overflows with the most unfortunate sort of contents. This can happen when the outlet in your septic tank has gotten covered up, and the liquids inside of it do not empty out properly. Other signs that you need septic tank repair can be an odor in the leach field – where you should not smell anything but perhaps freshly mowed grass; or the leach field develops a marshy place, indicating that too much liquid is flowing out of it. It could mean that it needs pumped, that the baffles inside are broken, or that it has developed too much scum on top of the contents, or that it has developed a leak. Too many solids in the tank, the tank being over full, or even if there don’t seem to be enough solids, are all signals that your septic tank needs repair.

None of these scenarios are indicators for having a good day. Septic system leaks have the potential to make you unpopular with the neighbors or to even create health problems. But we can help make it better. We have the equipment, the crew and the know-how to make all sorts of different septic repairs. More than that, we know that you need for your septic tank to do what it is supposed to do – quietly, and without drawing attention to itself.

At Superior Septic Service we are ready to help you with septic service in Arlington. Give us a call at (425)905-2485. We’ll be happy to take care of your Septic Service needs.