Septic Service in Everett

June 26, 2015  

At Superior Septic we know that summer brings its own special challenges to septic service in Everett. As temperatures rise, so might an unusual aroma from your septic tank leach field.

Septic Service in Everett

Even in summer, there should not be any unusual odor from your septic tank or its drainage system. If your leach field has become aromatic, that is a sure sign that your septic system needs service. However, you do not need to wait for your septic system to insistently bring itself to your attention. Regularly scheduled inspections of your septic system can not only prevent unpleasant odors, they can save lives and improve health. Septic tanks should be inspected at least once every three years.

Keeping track of your septic tank inspections will help you to remember to schedule them. If you decide to sell your home, records that include the location of your septic tank and all of its maintenance should be part of your property description. Showing that you have maintained a regular regimen of inspections and maintenance can enhance your property’s value. Knowing the location and condition of the septic tank can help prevent problems for future owners. Regular maintenance can prevent accidents as well as making sure that the plumbing in your home can function correctly.

Don’t wait for your septic tank to announce its presence with an unpleasant smell. If it has been three years or more since your last inspection, call Superior Septic at (425)905-2485 today to schedule your septic service in Everett. It is the safe, legal course of action. A septic tank can be a good sanitation method; but it need to be properly maintained for good health and safety. Besides, it can be a real pleasure when all of the drains in your home are working properly.