Septic Service in Snohomish

February 8, 2017  

septic service in SnohomishSuperior Septic Services has your septic service in Snohomish. Septic service in one of the best ways to prevent the many ways that a septic tank can fail. The service has a variety of aspects – but the primary goal is to make sure that your septic tank is operating properly.

The parts of a home sanitation system extend beyond the walls of your home. There is the sewer main that extends from your home to the septic tank. Some systems are what is known as a gravity feed, but others require a pump to move the effluent from your house to the tank. Gravity feed systems are only required to have inspection once every three years, but systems with a pump need inspected yearly. The tank itself can develop problems over time. The lid can be broken, so can the baffles that keep the solids from running out into the leach field. The leach field included perforated pipes that are embedded in gravel, and seeded over with grass or similar light vegetation. Inspection has the chance of catching problems while they are small, before they can develop into something much bigger.

Superior Septic Services has your septic service in Snohomish, just call (425) 905-2485. Our technicians will take the time to check your system to catch the small beginnings of problems before they can grow into big problems. If a problem is revealed, we have the expertise to take care of repairs. In the instances where your septic tank has gone beyond repair (and it does happen) we can help with installing a new one or making other alternative repairs. We fully understand how essential your septic system is to the well-being of everyone in your home or in the neighborhood around it.