Septic Services Near Darrington

July 9, 2018  

Superior Septic Services has provided septic services near Darrington for more than 25 years. Operating primarily in Snohomish County and King County, we’ve taken care of just about every sort of septic tank situation that you can think of – and that might be quite a few different things.

In many ways, a septic tank is a simple mechanism. The dirty water from bathroom and kitchen are piped out from the house or similar areas to a holding tank. The solids out of that water are allowed to settle down to the bottom of the first section of the tank where bacteria break them down further, minimizing the amount of space needed. The liquids flow on over into the second part, where some additional settling might take place, sometimes then go through a filter and then are dumped out into a permeable earth field which acts as an additional filter. From there, evaporation creates an additional cleansing, and the used water is stored in clouds and then rained back down upon the earth. When everything is working correctly, it is a beautifully ecological system, perfectly in tune with nature. But sometimes things go wrong.

If you begin to notice bad odors in your leach field or around your septic tank, don’t wait – take action! Call us at (425) 905-2485 for your septic service near Darrington. While a bad odor doesn’t always mean something has gone wrong with your home sanitation system, it is often the first warning sign that something isn’t working the way it is supposed to work. It might be as simple a problem as your bacteria having gotten cold while you were on vacation in the winter, or a broken sewer line, but it could mean that your septic tank needs pumped out or repaired.