Septic System Acting Funky? Call Superior Septic Services!

July 11, 2023  

Septic System Acting Funky? Call Superior Septic Services!

Are you having plumbing issues, or are you worried about potential trouble? Did you just buy a new home or property, or are you unsure about the state of your septic system? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be considering getting your septic tank looked at. While you may or may not need repairs on the property, you might want to get a head start and a diagnostic check. When you’re ready for a thorough septic inspection in Mountlake Terrace, Superior Septic Services will make your life easier!

When to Get a Septic Inspection

Sometimes, you might not be sure if your septic system has broken or gone wrong. Or, maybe there is nothing wrong that you can tell from first glance, especially if your plumbing and drainage seem normal. Perhaps you just want to be on the safe side and get an inspection. Or even worse, you are already experiencing problems and suspect it’s the sewage system, but you need a second opinion.

In most cases, you’ll definitely need a septic inspection. Especially if:

  • You are buying or selling property
    You don’t know the last time the tank was pumped nor the state of the structure

Getting a septic inspection earlier rather than later can prepare and alert you of current or potential issues down the road. A timely, routine inspection can save you thousands of dollars in damages before they happen.

Call Superior Septic Services for Your Next Installation!

For peace of mind, call Superior Septic Services at (425) 905-2485. We will provide you with a professional, informative, and thorough septic inspection in Mountlake Terrace. Our friendly staff will tell you exactly what’s going on with your septic system and what steps to take, so don’t hesitate! Set up your appointment today.