Septic Tank System Service

Homeowners located in Washington state especially in the Everett and Snohomish County areas are becoming aware of how to properly treat home wastewater on-site through the purchase of a septic tank system. Whether you are interested in helping the environment, or simply want the most modern conveniences, the septic system sure is a great environmental way of disposing waste.

A septic tank system functions as it separates the wastewater it receives filtering from your homes drains and toilets. It utilizes a storage tank where natural processes will occur to place to separate waste water into scum, water, and sludge or sediment. The natural bacteria make his process happen within the septic system storage tank. The waste water gets discharged into a drain field while the sludge, scum, and sediment remain. What remains is what needs to be pumped every few years to ensure it is running smoothly and avoid any unnecessary problems.

Washington State requires that septic tank systems must be inspected by qualified and licensed septic technicians every one to three years. Septic tanks are located underground and most home owners only remember them when something starts bothering the whole household.  It is important to schedule routine maintenance inspections in order to ensure that your septic tank is not forgotten yielding in severe issues and inconvenience.

At Superior Septic Services, we can help you remember when to take care of your septic tank systems. As a full-service septic company who has been providing the best septic tank system services for more than 25 years, we know the necessary maintenance requirements for your septic system.

We offer not only offer the best quality septic system services at the most affordable pricing, but ensure that our experts will get the job done right the first time. Contact Superior Septic Services at 425-905-2485 to learn more, or schedule your appointment today.