Services We Offer

Pumping For On-Site Sewage Disposal

The trucks we use for septic service sewage disposal are ready for you anytime. Our equipment is guaranteed to be state of the art and we excel at pumping any sewage system.

Pumping For RV

RV living can pose problems when they can’t be moved. But we guarantee excellent work through our specialized methods that maintain the integrity of the waste tanks while we pump.


You can employ the service of our camera equipment in order to determine any problem that you may have with your sewage system. This saves you from spending more money and resources than necessary.

Replacing Baffle

The baffle is what helps keep the waste inside the septic tank and it degrades overtime because of the hydrogen sulfide gas that is present in every tank. We offer our services to replace this item in order to maintain the integrity of your septic tank.

Installing Filters

Filters are also a great way to keep the waste in the tank and to extend the life of the tank for a few more years. These filters are very easy to remove and to clean. They can also save you a lot of money and trouble down the road.

Installing Riser

A riser is the part of the septic tank that, well, rises. They bring the lids that cover your pumps up to the surface and this makes servicing your tank very easy. Instead of having to pay other companies to locate and dig up the tank, you can focus the money instead of saving you from all the trouble.

Replacing Submersible Pumps

Making life easier in terms of the septic tank requires complex technology that should only be done be professionals. Since these pumps are electro-mechanical and need to be set in exactly the way specified, our expert technicians are well-versed in the process and are also licensed.

Repair/Installation Of Drain Field

Repairing or installing septic tanks are what we are good at. So if you need us, just call us.


Septic service also includes inspections. We accommodate such needs when it comes to Home Sale, Required by the County Health Department, and for Septic System Certification.

Contracts For Operation And Maintenance are also available that the County Health Department needs implemented such as systems for Sandfilter, Mound, Whitewasher, Advantex, Low Pressure Distribution, and Drip Systems using GeoFlow.

Troubleshooting the system as well as Guidance is available for any question you might have. We have enough skills and experience to guarantee satisfaction.

Call 425-905-2485 to ask for details.

Locating The Tank

We can locate your septic tank using our devices. A flushed transmitter is all you need to follow.

Cleaning The Main Line

A lot of things cause blockage in your main line such as soap and hair, and these can slow the drainage of water and other waste materials. This is why cleaning your system every few years is recommended and our cleaning equipments are great for doing just that.

Trap Clear

Products for cleaning your line are important, and Trap Clear is recognized by the industry. It is sold only be Septic Service professionals though.