Signs You Need Septic Repair In Stanwood

November 23, 2021  

Knowing the signs, you need septic repair in Stanwood can make the difference in getting assistance sooner than later. The earlier you have help, the better off you’ll be. The septic system in your home is a critical part of operating daily. Here at Superior Septic Services, you can get the assistance you need to take care of any issue that may arise.

If you see any of the signs below in the home, it’s time to call in the repair pros. We’re here to help with everything such as:

  • Drains Moving Slow – Pay attention to how fast or slow your drains are moving. Is the shower draining slower than it should be? What about the sinks or even your toilet? Are you worried that it may overflow before it drains? That’s a sure sign something is blocking the system, and you need an inspection.
  • Green Grass – While green grass is beautiful, it can also be an indication there’s an issue with your septic system. It’s important to pay attention to super green grass in areas around the septic system. This could be indicative of a leak.
  • Gurgling Noises – Your drains and toilet should not make gurgling noises when in use. If they are, it’s a sign of a blockage in the septic line that needs to be cleared completely before causing more damage.
  • Water Puddles – If you notice water pooling around the home or puddles around the tank, it’s a sign you need a professional on the job.

If you think you need septic repair in Stanwood, be sure to reach out to the team today at (425) 905-2485 for an appointment. We are here to help you get back to normal as soon as possible.