Snohomish Septic Service

Septic systems have always been regarded as both simple and complicated. It can be simple when everything is working properly and almost remains invisible to the entire household until it begins acting out and giving you backyard dirt and offensive odors. This is the time that septic systems get complicated. Unless you have the proper knowledge with regards to how the septic system works and knows by heart all the parts, we suggest letting the best Snohomish septic system company handle all the dirty work.

We are a team of highly trained professionals with full knowledge of the septic system and how it evolved over the years. Regardless of the brand, size, or location of your septic system, we are the company who can help you determine the problem and completely put an end to it.

The Signs of a Faulty Septic System

It is of high importance that every home owner knows the signs of having a faulty septic system. Failure to be aware of these symptoms could only lead to more serious problems in the long run. Chances are you will blame faulty plumbing or even the real estate agent who sold you the house or the house contractor. Some home owners even let carpenters tore down some house parts hoping to get to the root of the problem without much success. Here are the signs of a faulty septic system you should watch out for:

1. Slow Draining

Most home owners blame the plumbing or the tubes underneath the sink or even the small food particles that goes right down the drain but more often than not, a constantly slow draining sink is one of the clear signs that your septic system is having problems. This becomes especially true when drain cleaners and plungers do not seem to be of any help.

2. Alarms Going On & Off

Most modern septic systems have alarms to call the attention of the home owner when it is about time for a septic system check either for maintenance or repair services. Alarms could either be in the form of sounds or lights. Be aware of your septic system alarm and carefully watch out for it.

3. Foul Odors

This is one of the most common signs of septic system problems. The odor is usually so offensive that it causes inconvenience to the whole household and may even affect their quality of living. This is also the reason why some home owners blame it to the plumbing and call plumbers first before seeking help from a Snohomish septic system company.

4. An “Always Wet” Backyard

The sun has been up for days yet your backyard has not dried up just yet. This should certainly raise a flag for septic system concern. Once you see aquatic weeds or overly green grass starting to show in your backyard just above the drainage field, call us right away so that we can assess the true situation underneath.

Who You Should Call First

There may be many septic system companies today with lots of attractive and affordable packages but what every home owner should know is that price is only of the many factors. What is more important is the quality and workmanship.

We are the Snohomish septic system company who provides both – affordable price and excellent quality. To prove our excellent, you can ask our previous clients but to prove our affordability, we will match a fair competitor’s written estimate should you be able to provide one.

Faulty septic systems can truly be a disaster if not taken care of properly and immediately. Do not let this ruin your backyard and home. Call us today to schedule an initial evaluation and free estimate and we will assure you of a worry-free septic system service.