Trust Snohomish Septic Services for Septic Pumping Near Everett

September 11, 2017  

septic pumping near Everett

Superior Septic Services is prepared to take charge of your septic pumping near Everett. Septic tanks are a vital part of home sanitation systems. When they become excessively full, your sewer drains will either flow sluggishly, or stop flowing completely. They can even back up into your home. None of these scenarios are pretty or desirable.

The way your septic tank works is that when you flush the toilet or when you run the garbage disposal in your sink, water is added to wash the solid components down the drain and out into the septic tank. When the solids and water arrive in the septic tank, baffles hold back the solids and the liquids flow into another compartment. From there the liquids flow through a drain line, perhaps through a filter and into the leach field where they are naturally filtered by soaking into the soil. From the soil, they are often lifted as evaporation into the clouds. The liquids eventually are released as rain and re-enter the ecosystem as groundwater. When your septic tank becomes too full, the system becomes clogged. Solids and liquids become confused, and the system does not drain properly. Pumping removes the excess solids (and some liquids), allows workmen to inspect the tank and make repairs if needed, and generally helps reset the system.

Superior Septic Services is prepared to take charge of your septic pumping near Everett, just call (425)905-2485 to set up a convenient time. We are available during business hours, and can set up appointments for other times if necessary. We not only have our regular pump truck, but we also have a smaller unit that can negotiate narrow roads and difficult accesses.