Telltale Signs You Need A Septic Inspection In Woodinville

April 13, 2020  

Telltale Signs You Need A Septic Inspection In Woodinville

When it comes to your home septic system, you may honestly not think about it until something arises that forces you to. For example, you start to smell sewage or have a backup. This will cause you to pay attention and call in for a septic inspection in Woodinville. However, there are other signs that you need to pay attention to see if a check is required. Below you’ll find a few things to keep an eye out for when it comes to your septic system.

Trees Or Shrubs

If you notice that trees and shrubs are creeping closer to your tank, it’s time to have an inspection. Keeping an eye on these items will help you to reduce the impact they have on your system. It is wise to never plant items next to the septic tank. However, sometimes you have no control over that if they were there when you purchased the home.

Standing Water

Sometimes you may notice standing water in your yard. Typically, this is due to heavy rainfall. However, this can also cause issues with your septic system. You can have an inspector come to the home and help you with the water drainage as well to ensure your tank is not affected.

Spongy Grass

The grass on top of your tank is known for dying off and turning brown. However, you may have a problem if the grass on top of your tank is vibrant green and spongy. This could be a sign of a leak in the system.
These are just a few of the signs you need to consider having a septic inspection in Woodinville. Contact our team here at Snohomish Septic Services today by dialing (425) 905-2485 to set up your consultation.