We Love to Dig! Give Us a Call for Your Septic Installation in Lake Stevens

June 29, 2021  


We Love to Dig! Give Us a Call for Your Septic Installation in Lake Stevens

If you live rurally and want your home plumbing system to work right, you need a good septic tank system. You also want a company you can depend on to be there when things go wrong. When a septic tank has problems, things can go south very quickly. It is not something any homeowner wants to have to deal with anytime soon. If you have a new property or need to have yours replaced, Superior Septic Services provides septic installation in Lake Stevens.

What Happens with Septic Tank Installation?

If we do need to install a septic system on your property, you can expect digging. If you already have a septic tank, knowing exactly where it is at is vital. This will save time and money. When the location is verified, we dig up the old system and remove all the components. A brand new installation involves a bit more digging as new pipes and the tank is installed.

Once everything is dug, that needs to be we install the new tank and line. We come prepared with the needed heavy equipment to do the job right the first time. Once everything is properly installed, we run tests to ensure everything is working right. Next, we bury the tank. We then clean up our mess and head home.

Call the Septic Pros

If you need septic installation in Lake Stevens, don’t settle for second-rate companies or plumbing companies septic on the side. Call the professionals at Superior Septic Services at (425) 905-2485. Our reputation is second to none when it comes to dealing with all things septic-related. We carry the supplies you need to keep it working properly too.