What to Look For in Septic Pumping Services

Have you ever had your septic system checked since you moved in to your current home? Are you wondering if your septic system could be the culprit on some home and backyard problems? Would you like an honest quotation on how much a new and upgraded septic system costs today?

Get the right answers for all your septic pumping questions and concerns by getting in touch with Superior Septic Services, LLC through phone at 425-905-2485 or through e-mail at info@septicnow.com.

To better assist you with your queries, here are the things we will have to put in consideration:

  • Know whether you have a gravity or pump system.
  • Know how long it has been when your septic system was last pumped.
  • Determine what problems you have been experiencing that could possibly be related to faulty septic system.
  • Ask the whole household if anyone noticed or heard the septic system alarm go off.
  • Check if your septic system has riser lids.
  • Know how soon you need or want septic pumping services to be done.

Why You Are Better Off with Superior Septic Services, LLC!

  1. We are a company with integrity and honesty as our foundation. For this, we do challenging phone estimates as accurate as possible with our client’s benefits in mind.
  2. We are able to offer competitive prices because our overhead remains low given that we still are a small local company.
  3. We know that our business’ success depends on how satisfied our customers are with our services. For this, we aim to be the go-to septic pumping service of every household in our area.
  4. The owner of Superior Septic Services, LLC oversees every repair, maintenance, and installation to ensure the high quality service. This is one of the main keys why the company is going strong for 24 years now.
  5. We offer fast, reliable, and dependable service.
  6. We usually do not have dig fees unless for exceptionally hard and complicated circumstances.
  7. We charge by the waste removed in gallons and not by the tank capacity which is of great benefit to our clients.
  8. We have a truck for every job including situations where there are small driveways, bridges, or properties with limited road access.
  9. We do have live consultation available 24/7 for your septic issues and concerns.
  10. The normal length of hose we carry on every truck is about 150 feet.

Now that you know that you are most definitely better off with Superior Septic Services, LLC, you might also want to check out our When to Pump page for more detailed information on when you should call for septic pumping services.