What You Need to Know About Septic System Inspections

In order to perform a full and reliable inspection, your septic system technician should be fully knowledgeable of the said field with many years of experience. You can only find such reliable, honest, and efficient septic system technicians at Superior Septic Services, LLC. Our technicians are licensed bonded, insured, O&M providers, and of course pumpers. We all have shared our expertise with each other along with our 24 years of experience in this septic industry.

Who has been taking care of your septic system for the past years? Are you sure that they have inspected your whole septic system efficiently? As a client, it still is your responsibility to determine who qualifies best in septic system inspections. To learn more, here are some common persons in the industry that might get you confused when looking for someone to perform septic system inspections:

1. Licensed Septic Tank Pumper

  • Has the least knowledge and experience.
  • These are the ones most commonly called because they are generally easier to reach and offer the lowest costs.

2. O&M Providers

  • They require more education and experience.
  • They have higher bond levels and needs yearly continuing education units or CEUs.

Understanding the Inspection Process

Here are the different types of septic system inspections:

1. County Required (O&M) Operation & Maintenance Inspection

Regardless if you have had your septic tanks pumped or not, this may be required with an additional county filing fee. This State law indicates that every gravity system has to undergo inspection by an O&M professional every three years while all other septic systems need to be inspected yearly. This inspection requirement started in 2007.

As per the Washington State Law, it is up to each County Health Department to enforce this law. Fees differ depending on the county.

2. Home Sale Inspection

This is also known as a Transfer of Title Inspection where the seller needs to provide a proof of septic system maintenance to the buyer before closure of purchase. Sellers might need to pump out the septic tank or inspected as the buyers wishes.

In the previous years, licensed septic tank pumpers used to do this type of inspection. However, due of the increasing complexity of modern septic systems, County Health Departments created a new division called the Operation and Maintenance Providers or O&M providers. These are the ones with a deeper understanding and a vast troubleshooting experience.

The O&M providers are the ones responsible in depth inspection of septic system and its components.

3. Pumping and Inspection as Routine Maintenance

This can be performed by a licensed septic pumper as this is not a part of the usual O&M inspection. Most even include inspections like this as a part of the whole septic system service while others charge extra for unnecessary septic system inspections.

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