You Can Get your Septic Repair in Lake Stevens

July 26, 2017  

Septic Repair in Lake Stevens

You can get your septic repair in Lake Stevens from Superior Septic Services. We have been in business in the area for more than twenty-four years, and have the trucks, the tools, and the personnel to take care of your home sanitation. We can install, repair and inspect your home septic set-up, as needed.

Septic repair is an important part, of responsible DIY home sanitation. While many areas are advocating that their residents attach to a sewer main, in some locations this option is either unavailable or impractical. However, appropriate disposal of sewage, which is made up waste water and solids from kitchen and bathroom is essential for the health of your family and the health of your neighbors. Through developing an appropriate disposal system, you avoid allowing fecal matter to escape into waterways and underground aquifers. Detection of E.coli bacteria is one way that county inspectors can tell if there is a problem with a fresh water supply. Tracking down the source of the bacteria requires some scientific detective work – but work that is well worth the effort. Modern sanitation has eliminated or at least greatly reduced events such as summer cholera outbreaks. We count this as a good thing.

You can get your septic repair in Lake Stevens by calling Superior Septic Services at (425) 905-2485. We have the goods on septic tanks – the way they are supposed to behave when working correctly, and all the ways they can cause home-owners problems. When it comes to making this essential system work correctly, we are on your side, working with you as a partner for the best possible outcome from your do-it-yourself home sanitation system. We know that it is important to you for your septic system to be in good working order.