Superior Septic, Home of the “Best Price Guarantee”

Nothing else Snohomish County Septic Services could offer you but the best price guarantee and quality service of Superior Septic. Many companies usually claim to offer the most affordable septic service in the town but they have nothing to prove their claim.

Here in Superior Septic, all you have to do is show us an accurate, written estimate of what other septic service provider do offer and we will give you a $10 extra! We always give our best service and the most affordable one could ever think of. We never compromised our service of the reasonable price we offer and not only that we make sure of getting the job done but we also have emergency services always available for any unexpected septic problems that may occur.

Our renowned ready-to-go white trucks will be right there in the shortest time possible to fix any malfunction that needs urgent solution like septic leaks. Costumers do not just always look for the reasonable price we offer but they keep coming back for our best quality of service.

Here in Superior Septic, no matter how big or small a project is and no matter how long it takes to comply with all your needs, we are very happy to give you the lowest price we could offer depending on our competitors’ estimate.

Don’t wait until your lawn to become unsightly and your toilets malfunction. Snohomish County Septic Services will take care of what is to be done. Just call us at 425-905-2485 or click here and our service will be on your way!