Importance of Septic Repair in Lake Stevens

October 20, 2016  

Help With Your Septic Repair in MarysvilleAt Superior Septic Services we emphasize the importance of septic repair in Lake Stevens. Keeping your home sanitation system in good condition does a number of positive things. It helps to prevent pollution of groundwater. It prevents accidents that can be caused by crumbling septic tank lids. And it helps keep your drains running smoothly. Those are all important things.

First of all, a properly maintained septic tank captures fecal solids and traps them in a chamber where biological activity reduces them in volume. This reduces the frequency that the tank might need to be pumped. Second, keeping the baffles in good repair means that it is only liquids that make their way into the leach field, reducing the likelihood of pollutants entering streams or waterways. Third, a septic tank is called “septic” for a very good reason: it is the receptacle where household wastes are “digested” by biological agents. Falling into a septic tank can be fatal. Finally, when your septic tank and sewer drain lines are in good condition, the waste flows away from your home – as it should. Those are four very good reasons for keeping up with septic repair.

Superior Septic Services we remind all our customers of the importance of septic repair in Lake Stevens, call (425)905-2485 to schedule yours today. We have the technical teams who are ready and willing to help keep your septic system in tip-top operating condition. Don’t wait for a serious condition to develop. We encourage everyone who has a septic tank to keep up with all aspects of maintaining it properly. It is one of the marks of being a good neighbor when you make sure that the waste products from your home are disposed of in a safe and sanitary manner.